Apple's Liam sounds great, did you know about this other not so secret free ewaste recycling program?

Lots of excitment around the news of Liam, Apple’s super secret 29-armed robot that tears down your iPhone. As an Apple product lover and shareholder I am thrilled with their continued environmental initiatives.

While it’s certainly not news, it seems uncommon knowledge that Apple will recycle up to 10 items of your e-waste TODAY “regardless of brand” for free. I know NYC and most major cities have recycling events a few times a year but this beats hauling your junk across the city and waiting on line.

“Apple contracts with Sims Recycling Solutions to responsibly recycle computers and displays from any manufacturer. Generate a prepaid shipping label by going to Then pack up your equipment using your own box and send it off. For more information about Sims Recycling Solutions or questions about this program call 800-966-4135.”

If you have some old electronics that can not be donated check out this program.

Written on March 23, 2016