Buying Apple stock instead of Apple products

For years people have been writing these types of posts. Having just sold my 7th Generation iPod Classic (160 GB!) I figured I would run the numbers myself.

April 2008: I paid $349 (tax-free as I was living in Oregon at the time). March 2016: I sold the same iPod on eBay netting $268 after fees and shipping costs.

Cost of owning an iPod Classic for 8 years $82

Value of $349 worth of AAPL purchased in April 2008 today based on buyupside data $1,260.91!

A 360.26% return! Would I have held the stock long enough to realize those gains? Fun to think about, but easier said then done.

The one thing for sure, the 160 GB was overkill, I never even used half the capacity.

My iPod Classic

Written on March 21, 2016